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  • metal pipe and fittings
  • cardboard boxes from fixtures and faucets
  • misc. papers and metals

Green Plumbing Solutions

Green Plumbing Solutions will save the earth's resources and your money.

Plumbing Check-Up — Portland Plumbing’s trained technicians can analyze your plumbing fixtures and find areas that will help you conserve water and save money. This is a free service to our customers.

Energy Star Rated appliances — Dishwashers that use less water and less energy can be installed.

Low Consumption Toilets — Low consumption toilets offer great flushing abilities while consuming less water.

Toilet Rebate Programs are available when you replace your old toilets with water conserving toilets, and may pay up to $100 per toilet. Each water district has allocated funds that are limited.
Give us a call and let us help you save some money.

Radiant Floor Heating — Radiant Floor Heating is a great way to eliminate dusty duct work for those who are allergy conscious. The conventional duct system blows 120 degree air up to the ceiling where it stays, wasting a lot of energy. In a radiant floor system, warmth is supplied by hot-water tubes buried underneath the floor. The Radiant floor systems heat from the ground up, providing a warm even temperature. Our technicians have been factory trained, and are able to provide you with the most efficient Radiant floor heating system possible.

On Demand Water Heaters — Tankless hot water heaters provide endless hot water with more energy efficiency than your old 50 gallon water heater. They make hot water as you need it, instead of making 50 gallons of hot water and then keeping it hot until you use it. Tankless hot water heaters take up less space thantraditional water heaters. They will reduce your water heating bill, they are eco friendly, and qualifying applicants can earn tax incentives.


Other Green Services include:

Solar Water Heating

Rain Water Harvesting