"We used Portland Plumbing to redo all of out existing plumbing in our home plus add a bathroom. Everything went smooth and on time from start to finish. Dan was a great help on selecting quality items, that would last and be cost effective for our budget. We recommend Portland Plumbing to all of our friends and family that need a plumber because we know that they will treated with the same exceptional quality of service."

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Remodeling Services

At Portland Plumbing, we work with general contractors and home owners in planning, and implementing kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. From replacing a single faucet in a newer home, to installing new plumbing system for an older home, no job is too big or too small.

Clean water for your family

Old galvanized pipes corrode over time, clogging your pipes, restricting water flow, and contributing to poor water quality. If you are concerned about the quality of your family's drinking water, it may be time to replace your old galvanized pipes with new copper pipe, or a new flexible cross linked polyethylene pipe.
(PEX Tubing)